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SoHo Casual Sock

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Remember when that sleaze-bag realtor tried to get you into a $5,000 shoe-box in SoHo for your first apartment? Screw that guy. But he had at least one point - SoHo is one of the most iconic and refined parts of the entire island, an aspect we've channeled into these puppies. Boasting all the comfort of our casual sock line, a wooden button, and a killer blue-gray stripe design, the Soho Casual Sock is perfect for the guy who likes to walk around town at his own pace, popping into a gallery here and a store there, before linking up with the fellas for a few rooftop brews.     

EvansSocks are designed for comfortable all-day wear. Boasting a reinforced toe and heel to prevent holes, there will be no slipping, sweating, or itching! Not on our watch!

One-size-fits-all: our socks shape to your foot to form a custom fit.

Composition: 80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyester & 3% Spandex